Site levelling and Foundation preparation

Anyscape Earthworks specialises in house excavation, including:

  • minor dwellings and granny flats
  • under house excavation
  • site preparation for other dwellings
  • outdoor structures, including sheds and sleepouts
  • preparing a site for landscaping, pools and garden beds

We have years of experience levelling land in residential areas across Auckland, including tricky access sites with difficult terrain. With a highly trained and motivated team and a fleet of modern machines, we can complete any job on time, within budget and to your requirements. Complete client satisfaction is our goal on every project. We also offer concrete breaking, rock breaking and site clearing before site levelling if required.

Ground Levelling Services such as:

Earthworks and Site Levelling

At Anyscape Earthworks, we can complete all the work required for section and site preparations for new builds. This includes site clearing, cutting to level, backfilling and compaction.

If you are carrying out a new build project, or are developing subdivisions, get in touch with us about our driveway preparation services. We can help you ensure that your section is finished correctly.

Foundation preparation

Cutting the site for a house

Site cut in rocky ground Mt Eden

Stock piling top soil

House Cut on a wet day

Under House Excavation

Our range of machinery can cover any under house excavation projects, no matter the size. Safety is always our top priority on under house excavations. In the project pictured below, we did the excavating for an extension at the rear of the house, under house excavation, and driveway preparations.

Cutting out under house about 6 metres back

Under House Excavation: Part of the floor has been poured

Cutting out the driveway up to the side of the house

Excavating for an extension at the rear of the house and also underneath the house

Working on a wet day

Preparing a site for sheds or other small buildings

Even small builds require correct preparations to ensure that they stand the test of time. It’s just as essential to get the proper ground levelling for a shed as it is for a new house. The team at Anyscape Earthworks pays the same total attention to detail on every project, regardless of its size.

In this project in Hillsborough, we prepared a site down a slight slope in the backyard for the building of a new shed. As the area overlooks the water and thus had tight access, we used a small digger for the job.

The area before we prepared the ground for the shed

Small digger in background as access was tight near the water

Preparing a Site for Landscaping | Swimming Pool Excavation

If you are planning significant changes in your outdoor space, talk to us about levelling the ground for landscaping. Doing so will give you a solid base to work from.

From swimming pools to flower beds, if you need a good base for your landscaping plans, we can provide it.

In this project in Riverhead in West Auckland, we carried out site levelling for garden beds. We had to cross over a concrete area to access the site, so we laid ply sheets to protect it. This is an excellent example of the steps our team takes to minimise the impacts of levelling work on other parts of your property.

Scraping a site for a garden bed

Pool dig in tight site