Rock Breaking | Concrete Breaking

When you are building in Auckland you will likely come across some rock on your site. This may include hard rocks like basalt and volcanic rock.

If you are renovating or working on a previously built site you might also come across other hard objects like old driveways, concrete slabs or walls and retaining walls. To get rid of these obstacles rock breaking is a key part of your site preparation.

Why professional rock breaking is so important?

Much of the key to a good solid building is in the preparation. If your site is full of rocks or old concrete it will be hard to make sure it is level, to dig holes for piles or foundations and to create nice landscaping.

It can be difficult to break the hard rocks present in Auckland’s landscape, so it would be a long and arduous job to complete yourself. Professional rock breaking done with the right equipment ensures that everything is properly broken up whether it is natural rock or previously laid concrete.

When you are breaking up rocks and hard ground, you also need to make sure that you are steering clear of any utility pipe and cables. A professional contractor will be able to determine where they are and make sure they remain intact.

Concrete Breaking and Clearing

Anyscape has years of experience with concrete breaking and clearing to prepare building sites around Auckland.

Further, we have a range of equipment that enables us to take on a wide range of concrete breaking projects. Small rock breaking machines can tackle basements, and our larger machines are used to break driveways and solid foundations.

We will break, remove and then prepare the site. Our contractors can deal with concrete for basement demolition work, as well as for suburban sites. We will look for ways to overcome difficulties and will seek to find innovative, cost-effective ways to get the job done.

Please note: We don’t remove asbestos as this is a dangerous material and requires specialist assessment and removal.
The breaking and removal of concrete.

Clearing a section

We have a range of equipment that allows us to work even in difficult to-get-to areas. We plan our projects carefully

Loading out concrete

Anyscape Earthworks can help you with rock breaking and concrete breaking and all your other site preparation needs

Anyscape Earthworks has a range of machinery to deal with rock breaking on sites of all sizes. We can clear out the concrete as part of basement demolition work.  Whether breaking up an old driveway or large-scale clearances for sub-divisions, we can help. Our small machines can fit into tight access spaces for close-in work. While our larger machines can tackle hard rocks and open areas.

We don’t remove asbestos as this is a dangerous material and requires specialist assessment and removal.

As experienced contractors, we’ve seen most types of terrain in Auckland. We are always looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to get your job done. We’ll also remove all rubble from your site after the job is done, leaving you with a clear worksite.

Our team can also help with a range of commercial earthworks and earthworks for residential projects, including trenching, driveway preparation and building retaining walls, making it easy for you to get large parts of your job done with just one contractor.

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