Retaining Wall Auckland

If you live on a slope and are planning a gardening or construction project, chances are you’ll need some retaining walls installed. Get in touch with Anyscape if you need a retaining wall in Auckland.

Retaining walls are an essential part of project preparation, as they prevent slippage and ground distorting. Good foundations are everything, and with our services, your landscaping or building project can come to life, hassle-free, just how you want it.

Why you should choose Anyscape for your retaining wall specialists Auckland

Need a trustworthy contractor to get your projects completed? Our professional team will bring expert knowledge to your retaining wall build.

Our Site Safe certification attests to our ability to carefully consider the scale and nature of the work you need. We will never compromise on safety or quality work and will make plans in accordance with your requirements. In some cases, usually, where large scale earthworks are required, you may need to get resource consent. That is something our project management team will account for in advance.

Here at Anyscape, we have many years of experience building retaining walls and earthworks which helps inform our work decisions and processes.

Retaining Wall Auckland

What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a rigid structure, designed for the specific purpose of providing lateral support to a landscape. With this support, the soil level can be retained at two different levels on either side of the wall, preventing it from slipping and being subject to erosion.

When implementing retaining walls in Auckland, it is our job to keep the soil on either side of the wall in place. We block such natural forces as gravity and the geography of the project area, using our earthworks and construction knowledge to prevent the landscape from slipping away.
Whether you’re a business or homeowner, when you choose Anyscape, you know your property is in safe hands.

Timber retaining walls

If you’re looking to create amazing landscapes in your backyard garden, you might consider getting Anyscape in to build timber retaining walls. Not only do they get the job done, but they also look fantastic and enhance the look of your garden.

But we don’t just do residential projects. Retaining walls are used in landscaping to bound sloping soils, such as those found on hillsides or in steep backyards, between two different elevations.
This bounding often occurs in areas where the terrain has undesirable slope gradients or where the landscape needs specific shaping, being engineered for more specific purposes, like terraced /hillside farming or motorway overpasses.

With Anyscape, you can get a team of earthmoving specialists that will efficiently excavate, do the site cuts, drill for retaining walls, and generally find the best solution for your job. Being professional earthworks contractors in Auckland, we are committed to ensuring that we go above and beyond your requirements.

We’ll work efficiently, quickly, and conscientiously to get the foundations on your site ready for the next stage of your project.

Getting your retaining wall right

Here at Anyscape, we know every detail counts.
The most important consideration we make when putting in a new retaining wall is to recognise and counteract the tendency of retained material to move downslope due to gravity.

This downward movement creates lateral pressure directly behind the wall, which depends on the angle of cohesive strength and internal friction of the retained material. It also depends on the magnitude and direction of movement pressures acting on the retaining structure itself.

Any groundwater that runs or collects behind the wall causes immense hydrostatic pressure on the wall structure. It is crucial to have the appropriate drainage systems in place behind any wall to limit pressure on the wall’s design, while at the same time preventing erosion.

Drainage materials will reduce or completely eliminate the hydrostatic pressure, reduce water-caused erosive processes as well as improve the stability of what is behind the wall. Drystone retaining walls are normally self-draining.

Why you should choose Anyscape services in Auckland

Here at Anyscape, we are a company offering a wide range of landscaping services. Whether you want to construct a new driveway, garden or overpass, we will gladly ensure you get solid retaining walls in place. Our work will protect your landscape so that when builders and contracting companies come in to bring your job to completion, you won’t need to worry about any slipping.

You are sure to be impressed by our Auckland retaining walls service. We offer our services to commercial and residential clients across the wider Auckland region, from the North Shore to Takanini and West Auckland.

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