Excavation Auckland

No matter the size nor the scale of your job, you will receive the same top quality service from beginning to end.

With a team of dedicated operators, drivers and labourers, as well as a modern fleet of working vehicles, Anyscape Earthworks can complete any and all excavation in Auckland with minimum disruption.

Commercial Excavation

Anyscape Earthworks offers high-quality, competitively priced residential and commercial excavation services through the Auckland Region for our clients across industries.

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Residential and Commercial Excavation

Residential excavation services

Whether you are looking to clear but a small section, or you’re looking to lay the foundations so that you may build your dream home, Anyscape Earthworks can help. Our team of reliable, passionate excavators provide excavation services for:

  • Clearing driveways so that a new driveway may be laid
  • Preparation and levelling of your site
  • Basement dig outs or under-house excavations – ideal for those tight Auckland sections where space is at a premium
  • Building or landscaping preparations – including site levelling
  • Digging the footers required for retaining walls
  • Swimming pool preparation excavation
  • Water tanks
  • Preparation for retaining walls

Commercial excavation services

If you have in mind big plans for future development opportunities, and are also constantly on the lookout for a reliable and efficient contractor to provide excellent excavation services in Auckland for your future projects, Anyscape Earthworks is your first choice. Our team are experienced at both small, moderate, and large-scale works – they will do their utmost to bring your work in on time and on budget allowing you to continue to work on your project without delay. Our commercial excavation services include:

  • Digging the foundations necessary for commercial buildings
  • The clearing of subdivisions
  • Hole drilling
  • Trenching and footings

Preparing an outdoor area for Pools, Garden Beds and general Landscaping

If you are planning to make changes to your outdoor area, talk to us about our ground levelling services – this process makes the job easier for building and for landscaping purposes, as we create a solid, level base from which to work. From large swimming pools to the most moderately sized flower beds, if it needs a good base to be dug, we can dig it. There is almost nothing that we can’t dig away.

No matter the size nor the scale of your job (or jobs, as the case may be), you receive the incredibly high standard of excellent service that all Anyscape workers are renowned for, from the start of your job to the very end. With a dedicated team of drivers and a modern fleet that is serviced and maintained to perfection, Anyscape Earthworks can complete any excavation with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency.

Excavation Auckland

Anyscape Earthworks always provides the highest quality available when it comes to excavation services in order for the correct preparation of your property for the planned works that follow. Trust the experts at Anyscape Earthworks when you need services requiring excavation in Auckland. Excavations are the foundation of the actual foundation work needed for building projects, so you absolutely, definitely unequivocally need to be 100% sure that they have been carried out to the absolute highest possible standard.

Our workers have all had years of experience dealing with and working through arduous excavation jobs of all sizes and in the most difficult of locations. Awkward or seemingly impossible excavations are no problem for us, with our experienced drivers and range of equipment. We know Auckland and its terrain like the backs of our hands – this knowledge and experience gained through years of work in the industry lets us consistently find the most cost-effective and efficient solution for every project we undertake.

Our wide selection of tools and our elite fleet of excavatory machinery enables us to tackle many different types of jobs, and our fleet is always fully maintained to eradicate or otherwise lessen wait times and ensure that there are no hold-ups during your project. Anyscape Earthworks is also a official, certified member of the Site Safe organization, committing daily to safe practices on all worksites for the wellbeing of both our team and your staff or family.

What exactly is excavation?

Excavation, in Auckland and also elsewhere, is the process of digging. It can be done via hand, as naive children do on beaches in order to build their sandcastles, or it can be done by trowel, such as when the diligent gardener is creating new homes in the earth for some soon-to-be-planted flowers, or it can be done by shovel, as the trench, grave, or fencepost digger does when they labour through dirt, soil, clay, and rubble to accomplish their task, or it can be done via the operation of heavy machinery, such as a digger that gouges deep ruts in the earth, moving vast swaths of earth with but a few motions of deft hands at the controls.

Digging is actually the combination of two closely related but conceptually separate processes, the first being the breaking or cutting of/into the surface, and the second being the removal and relocation of the material found there – what this material may be is often a mystery until the depths are plumbed and answers are sought. In a basic digging situation, with few mitigating factors beside the ground, the chosen digging implement, and the one who must wield it, this may be accomplished in a single motion, with the digging implement being used to break the surface and immediately fling the material away from the pit, trench, well, hole or other such structure that is being dug.

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