Driveway Preparation

The preparation of the land surface before laying a driveway is essential. As with many things, like foundation preparation for a house, getting the right foundations is the key to a precise finish. Whether you are using asphalt, concrete or paving, your driveway preparation needs to be spot on.

Inadequate preparation can potentially lead to issues with your driveway in years to come. You want to avoid dampness, cracking concrete and possibly even subsidence.

Three key things that make good driveway preparation

A flat surface: to ensure the rest of the work goes well the base surface needs to be sound. This may require some excavation to deal with potholes or loose soil and to make sure the entire driveway area is at the same level.

Compaction: before laying the top surface of the driveway it is important to make sure the base layers are solid. We achieve this by compacting the ground. Gravel or base metal is usually put down in layers and compacted in between.

Drainage: the driveway area should be graded slightly to ensure proper drainage. If the driveway is not on a slope, we make sure the top is slightly higher than the edges so water does not pool.

Once you have these things in place, you will be in a good position to lay the final surface.

Anyscape Earthworks' Driveway Preparation thanks to our specialised equipment and skilled team.

Whether you are laying a brand new driveway at a new house build or commercial building, or you need to recondition some old pot-holed muddy land into a driveway, the team at Anyscape Earthworks can help.

Our experience and knowledge combined with our specialised equipment mean we can work in even the tightest of spaces and almost any conditions. If needed you can combine our driveway preparation with other services including rock breaking – for example, if you need to clear an existing poor standard driveway before relaying – and building retaining walls.

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In the photo below you can see us adding the base metal.

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