Digging Footings / Drilling

Digging Footings is the preparation work we do as part of the foundation work. Every site has different requirements.  The foundation structure needs to be stable and spreads the load. They are an essential part of your building or retaining wall/structure. So it is well worth choosing an experienced Earthmoving contractor.

Our company has a wealth of knowledge and experience, working in both the commercial and residential sectors. Anyscape Earthworks has up-to-date machinery that is well maintained and is well suited to a particular job.

Our drilling unit fits on to all our diggers. Our drilling depth for our smaller machine is up to 5.5 to 6 metres. We have a full range of auger sizes.

Our drilling services include:

  • signpost holes including lifting the poles into the drilled holes
  • post holes
  • soak holes
  • retaining wall piles
  • foundation piles

Digging Services such as:

Drilling and Retaining Wall Piles



We cut the site. It is now ready for drilling holes for the retaining wall

Holes drilled for retaining wall