Construction Safety - Trench Shoring For Your Excavation Project

Trench shoring is a critical safety feature protecting people doing excavations and trenching work. The sides of every trench need to be prevented from falling in on themselves and crushing the personnel and equipment inside the trench.

There are various common methods used in trench shoring, including hydraulic shoring and beam and plate. All excavation companies undergoing trenching should have a comprehensive shoring system in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
Here at Anyscape, we see safety as a non-negotiable in all our excavation and trenching services. Let us share some of our knowledge about trench shoring with you so that whenever you undergo trenching works by yourself or with contractors, you can keep an eye on the safety procedures.

Is shoring the same as shielding?

First things first, shoring and shielding in trench work often get confused with each other. Here’s the difference:

  • Shoring is about fortifying and bracing the trench walls to prevent collapse and subsequent damage.
  • Shielding does not hold up a trench wall. Instead, it is there to protect personnel inside the trench if it does collapse.

So both shoring and shielding have a critical relationship to keeping trenches safe, but with a good enough shoring system, you will hopefully never have to use your shielding.

Hydraulic Shoring

In hydraulic shoring, steel plates or heavy plywood is held in place with hydraulic pistons, pumped outward to press against the walls of the trench. Fast and easy to use, this is one of the most popular shoring methods, especially for short-term projects.

If you are using hydraulic shoring, make sure to install it from the top and remove it from the bottom. Check it at least once every time you or your team works on the site.

Some of the key advantages of hydraulic shoring include:

Construction Safety - Trench Shoring For Your Excavation Project


Hydraulic shoring is safer than many other types of shoring, including timber shoring, because installation can be carried out outside the trench.


The hydraulic pistons are lightweight and easy to install.

Even pressure distribution

The gauge regulation of the hydraulics is suitable for distributing pressure evenly across the trench.


Hydraulic shoring is suitable for various widths and depths of trenches.

Raking Shoring

The raking shoring technique involves placing at least one timber beam against the face of the structure to support it from the ground. Wall plates help increase the area of support. This method works best when the raker sits at about a 60-70 degree angle against the wall.

The inclined beams provide lateral support to the trench wall and work best when placed at regular intervals.

Beam and Plate Shoring

To construct beam and plate shoring, first, you must insert steel I-beams into the ground before siding steel plates among them. Soldier boarding is a wooden version of beam and plate shoring.

Beam and plate shoring are especially useful for long-term excavation projects. These systems are reasonably easy to install and remove, provide little to no vibration, and can be used again in future projects.

Choose a company that puts safety first

Here at Anyscape, we are committed to doing your service trenching projects right. Working with industry-best shoring equipment, we put safety at number one, which enhances the overall quality of our work.

We specialise in earthworks services around the wider Auckland region and beyond, and we take pride in our ability to provide top-notch services for residential and commercial clients alike. We meet all the demands of our clients while maintaining the highest safety standards, including in the way we practice trench shoring.

As members of the not-for-profit organisation, Site Safe, we do everything we can to ensure the utmost safety of our team and our clients. Site Safe has done some incredible work in creating a positive health and safety culture in Kiwi workplaces, something that we are proud to be part of.

Fostering a workplace culture that does not compromise on safety embeds this in our business practices. That provides assurance not only to the talented members of our team but also to our clients.

Get your trenching completed with Anyscape

You might need our trenching services if you are building a new development or subdivision. The trenches we dig for you will create space for all the utilities and underground services your construction project requires.

Our team at Anyscape is here to help you get all your utilities for your new building, without causing disruption to any existing residents in the area. So, we build trenches with premium shoring that keeps all kinds of hazards to a minimum.
Trust that when you choose Anyscape, your trenching will get completed to the highest standard. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help with your project.