Clearing The Site Before Building

Before you embark on any building project, you need to ensure your construction site is clear of hazards. Clearing the site before building is a critical part of any construction project, large or small.

Here at Anyscape, our site clearing service is ideal for getting your landscape ready for the next stages.

What does site clearing and leveling entail?

Site clearance is all about transforming your ground into a clean slate before actual construction begins. There are a few steps involved, but its purpose remains pretty simple.

Clearing The Site Before Building
construction site in action

First, site preparation will require clearing vegetation, tree roots, decaying materials, trees, and large rocks in the soil. We use our fleet of heavy machinery and equipment to excavate under concrete, break rocks, and dispose of the waste.
Usually, we would need to get written permission or an area permit to ensure that we are legally allowed to clear a site – especially if we’re undertaking extreme ground movement.

We have the practical experience and necessary qualifications for the whole site clearing process. Get in touch with Anyscape today!

Getting your construction project ready

A solid base is important regardless of the kind of construction you are undertaking. Construction site preparation removes any problematic materials from your project site and ensures it is level for the next stage in the work.

The Anyscape team has the experience you need in earthmoving and commercial and residential land clearing, to carry out work across Auckland.

Our team of land clearing contractors specialise in all aspects of clearing building sites, whether you are clearing land to build a house or preparing for a commercial build. We can remove old and unwanted buildings and garages, rocks, concrete, trees, vegetation, and rubbish.
We don’t remove asbestos, as this is a dangerous material and requires specialist assessment and removal.

Our experience is combined with a fleet of the best machines for landscaping, many of which have been customised to work specifically in the harsh environments of demolition and clearance. Even if your site is small or tricky to access, we have a machine that will fit.
If you’re planning a construction project in Auckland and would like to get your site professionally cleared, our team can help. We offer innovative solutions that can make the cost of clearing overgrown land more affordable than you’d expect.
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Why you need construction site clearance

The key purpose of clearing your site before construction projects is to get rid of buildings and debris from the land. Our team will also get rid of the surface soil because it is incompatible with the construction process.

With soil testing, we can ensure that the soil is clear and revealing the soft clay underneath. Surface soil contains chemicals that encourage plant growth, which can damage construction work – even materials like concrete.

Before you begin a construction project, you need to bring in an experienced and skilled team like ours here at Anyscape that will carry out proper site clearing. You might also want to hire a geotechnical engineer to carry out your site investigation so you know what work needs to be done.

Anyscape cannot stress the importance of site preparation for your new building enough. Get in touch with us today to discuss your site conditions.

A safety net for your construction projects

Not only does site preparation make it easier for your building company to work with, but it also makes it safer. We simplify the process of getting building permits and written authority to move on to the construction stage.

Doing the site clearing yourself without a team of trained professionals poses a significant injury risk, increases your likelihood of mistakes that cost you in the long run.

With Anyscape, we will minimise the fuss and get the work done quickly and efficiently. We take our work seriously – and we’re aware that site clearing is the foundation, the first step, in site plan design. When you choose our services, you can minimise your overall costs as well as any disruption to your surrounding community, thereby following good practice in construction

We will leave you with a safe site, ready for your builders, construction vehicles, and site surveying professionals to spend the next extended period putting your structures together.

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Whether you’re about to begin a build for a residential or commercial building, a motorway or a parking lot, you need to get your site clearing carried out by excavation professionals.

Here at Anyscape, we are a company that knows how to prepare a site. Contact us now to get your site preparation sorted!