5 Common Types of Excavation Used in Construction

Construction comes with many different kinds of processes and methods which are used to prepare an area for exciting new builds – and one imperative thing that takes place in most construction projects is excavation. Excavation in construction is often a necessary action to help remove materials from a worksite so that the site is better suited for building new structures. 

But, because there are many different kinds of materials involved in construction, there are also several different kinds of excavation, each with a specific purpose. When done correctly, each type of excavation can help take a piece of land and turn it into an ideal worksite, which can then be used to create new buildings.

So, what exactly is excavation, and what kinds of excavations are there?

What Is Excavation?

5 Common Types of Excavation Used in Construction
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To put it simply, excavation in construction is the process of digging up and removing materials. This is mainly done to get a piece of land ready for future construction projects, and the type of excavation done can correlate to the kind of structure that will be built there. 

An excavation job can be something as simple and easy as clearing away mounds of soil, or it can be something as significant as breaking up and removing large stones. The tools and machinery used will differ depending on the purpose of the job and the materials that need to be dealt with.

In addition to breaking up and removing materials from an area to get them out of the way, excavation may also include grading to make sure that the land is good and level before construction continues. 
Because excavation in construction can involve heavy machinery and lots of materials, it is absolutely vital that excavations are always performed by qualified professionals who know how to work safely and efficiently. So, when you hire workers to excavate a plot of land, you should always hire professionals who know all about excavation safety guidelines.

What Are Some Common Types Of Excavation?

Excavations are often categorised in two different ways – either by the purpose of the excavation or by the materials that will be broken down and removed.

Because various materials require different kinds of tools to break down and take, individual excavation projects can differ wildly from each other. 

Although there are many more kinds, five of the most common types of excavation in Auckland are:

Basement Excavation. This kind of excavation in construction refers to digging out earth and material from the foundation of a house to make enough room for a basement. Basement excavation can be especially useful for homes in areas where space is limited because it will allow you to have an extra room in your home. 

Clearing out earth and soil can also be a fantastic way to make space for fixtures like pools, water tanks and more. 

Channel Excavation. When an area of land does not drain water well, channel excavation may be needed. This form of excavation involves removing materials from channels or drainage passageways to increase the flow of water in an area, improving the area’s drainage and reducing the chances of sediment buildup and flooding. 

Dredge Excavation. Over an extended period of time, sediment can collect on the bottom of waterways, which can then turn into blockages that hinder boats and anything else passing through the channel. Dredging is used to remove this built-up sediment to make the body of water safer and easier to pass through. 

Stripping. Stripping excavation in construction is used to clear an area of various materials and objects to better prepare a site for future builds. Stripping often includes clearing large areas of land of rocks, soil, vegetation and any other unwanted materials, and can also involve altering the ground to make it more level. 
Borrow Excavation. Unlike most kinds of excavation which are used to remove materials, borrow excavation involves adding more materials to the worksite. During these jobs, materials are borrowed from other sites and brought over to help fill or level the land.

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