5 Best Earthmoving Heavy Equipment For Construction Projects

If you have ever walked by a large construction site, you have probably noticed large pieces of earthmoving equipment being used. Along with skilled construction workers, a project needs the right tools and equipment to be completed properly.

Working the earth requires many different kinds of equipment for various types of tasks. These helpful tools make the job easier and faster.

This article will tell you about five of the best earthmoving, heavy equipment that construction workers utilise.

What Are Earthworks?

earthmoving equipment

Earthworks or earthmoving refers to construction projects that involve moving earth, soil or natural rock. It is similar to landscaping, where visible features of the land, such as greenery or other natural elements, are altered to create a more pleasing or practical environment.

Earthworks jobs are often done to create more suitable conditions for future projects. For example, land and rock can be removed, reworked and flattened down to pave the way for a future driveway that is safe for both people and vehicles to move over.

If you ever need earthmoving work done, it would be best if you contacted a skilful and reliable company like us at Anyscape. Knowledgeable construction worker teams like ourselves will be able to follow all of New Zealand’s construction regulations and protocols.

Our team is highly experienced and will do the job in the best way possible. We will also be able to carry out your needed work safely and efficiently to minimise the chance of accidents or injuries.

What Heavy Equipment Is Used In Earthworking Projects?

If you are thinking of hiring us to work on your land, you might wonder about what kind of equipment we might use. We understand that it might be awkward to have large and unfamiliar earthmoving equipment on your property, and we are prepared to answer any questions you might have.

Five commonly used heavy machines utilised in earthworks projects are as follows:

1. Excavators. These large, useful machines are something that you see at nearly every construction site that involves working the earth. These vehicles usually run on tracks and have a long arm with a bucket attached to the end. The operator sits in the cab and controls the machine’s movements and the arm.

The machine operator has excellent visibility from their seat and can be incredibly helpful on the worksite. In addition, excavators can be fitted with various kinds of attachments to work on different jobs. 

2. Bulldozers. These vehicles are usually one of the first things people think of when they hear ‘earthmoving equipment.’ Bulldozers are sturdy, heavy machines that are equipped with a wide blade on the front of them that the operator inside of the device can control.

The blade, paired with the bulldozer’s weight and strength, can be helpful when pushing dirt, breaking boulders and preparing the land. Bulldozers are often used when working on jobs like site levelling projects.

3. Rock Breakers. These tools are perfect for what their name implies – breaking rocks! A rock breaker is a strong percussion hammer that is used to smash and break down rigid structures like concrete and natural boulders. 

If construction workers are moving soil and run into a large stone that is giving them trouble, a handy rock breaker can divide the rock into smaller, more manageable pieces.

4. Dump Trucks. Once the soil is removed, the land is shaped and rocks are broken down, all of that material needs to be moved out to be adequately taken care of. To get these materials out or into the worksite, dump trucks are required. 

Earthmoving equipment often comes in different forms for different needs, and dump trucks are no exception. These beneficial vehicles come in various shapes and sizes to properly suit the job that they are needed for. 

5. Skid-Steer Loaders. These highly versatile machines are incredibly effective and dexterous. Unlike the other devices listed here, this vehicle is relatively small and perfect for working in smaller or more confined areas.

These little machines can be outfitted with a variety of different attachments to allow them to perform other tasks. So, skid-steer loaders can be used for compacting, drilling, digging, jack-hammering and more!

Where Can I Find Fantastic Earthworkers In New Zealand?

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